3 Effects of Sonic Esthetics - Remove wrinkles and sagging with ultrasonic

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Every time you look in the mirror, you notice wrinkles and sagging skin on your face. Have you ever thought of going to an esthetic salon to get a full-fledged treatment for your wrinkles and sagging face because you can't cover them up with foundation? What I would like to focus on is the sonic beauty salon, which is said to "alleviate wrinkles and sagging and lead to a tighter, ceramic skin. I know it sounds a little fishy, but if it works, I want to try it.

In this article, I will introduce the effects of sonic beauty treatments and the details of the procedures. In addition, I will tell you about the price, ideal frequency, and precautions when receiving the treatment at an esthetic salon. We hope you find it useful.

0.1 3 Effects of Sonic Esthetics

Sonic Esthetics" is a facial esthetic treatment that uses ultrasonic equipment. The ultrasonic vibrations are given to the skin to promote the following effects.

1. Activation of cells... Wrinkles and sagging

When skin cells are activated by the vibrations, the production of collagen and other substances is stimulated, leading to the alleviation of wrinkles. In addition, by strengthening the facial muscles, sagging skin can also be treated. However, since it is necessary to improve the skin from deep within, it may be difficult to realize the effects of a one-time treatment.

2. Cleanse dirt...Pore dirt and roughness

By cleansing the skin while applying ultrasonic vibrations to the skin, the emulsifying action (*) removes old keratin dirt clogging the pores and eases the roughness of the skin surface. This is expected to have an immediate effect.

3. Promoting blood circulation...Dullness and swelling

Frictional heat generated inside the skin by ultrasonic vibration improves blood circulation and lymphatic flow, making it easier for waste to be eliminated. As a result, dullness and swelling will be temporarily improved after the treatment.

0.2 General course contents

Sonic Esthetic treatments are available at esthetic salons and cosmetic stores. The general course content is as follows.

Makeup is removed with a cleansing agent.

② Pore cleaning
A spatula-shaped ultrasonic device called a "scriber" is used to vibrate the skin. The emulsifying effect of the vibrations lifts and removes dirt (dead skin cells, etc.) clogging the pores.

③ Sonic (Ultrasonic Massage)
The ultrasonic facial equipment is applied to the skin with a special gel, which vibrates more than 1 million times per second, activating cells and promoting blood circulation.

④ Pack
The pack is placed on the skin to moisturize it.

⑤ Skin preparation
The treatment ends with a cream to prepare the skin.

0.3 Cost, frequency, and precautions when receiving treatment at a salon

The following are the standard fees, ideal frequency, and precautions for sonic beauty treatments offered at esthetic salons. If you are considering getting the treatment, please refer to this page.

1. Prices

As a result of an Internet search for "sonic beauty treatment," I found that most beauty salons and cosmetic stores offer the treatment for 1,000 yen (excluding tax) for the first time, and 5,000 to 6,000 yen (excluding tax) for the second and subsequent times.

Some salons offer a discount if you purchase the basic cosmetics used for the treatment for the first time, and the price for the second and subsequent times is 3,000 yen to 4,000 yen (excluding tax).

The above is just a general guideline of prices. There may be slight variations depending on the contents of the treatment and other factors.

2. Ideal frequency

First of all, it is recommended to visit the salon once every two weeks in order to improve the condition of your skin.

After the treatment, the effects of the esthetic treatment will gradually wear off over a week or so, depending on how you take care of your skin at home, your lifestyle, and stress. So you may think that going once a week is enough, but considering the financial aspect and the burden on your skin, it is better to take care of your skin at a sustainable pace of once every two weeks.

Also, once your skin is feeling better after a few visits to the salon, it is recommended to switch to once every 28 days for regular maintenance. Although it varies depending on your age, skin cells are usually reborn in about 28 days. By following the skin's cycle, you will be able to constantly approach new cells, making it easier to maintain beautiful skin.

3. Precautions

Avoid the treatment if you have severe skin irritation such as acne. The stimulation may make your skin even rougher. Also, when the ultrasonic equipment is applied to the skin, some people may have metal allergies that may cause skin irritation.

0.4 Summary

The following is a bulleted summary of the information presented in this article.

・The sonic aesthetic has three effects: activating cells, cleaning dirt, and promoting blood circulation, which alleviate wrinkles, sagging, dirty pores, roughness, dullness, and slackness.
・The standard fee is 1,000 yen (excluding tax) for the first time, and 5,000 to 6,000 yen (excluding tax) for the second and subsequent times.
・Initially, once every two weeks, and then once every 28 days once the skin is in good condition.
・Avoid treatment when skin irritation is severe.
・Be careful of metal allergies.

If you are interested in Sonic Esthetics, please visit a salon and get younger looking skin than you have now.

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